Cedar Arbor/Pergola

My husband and I bought a beautiful Armadillo home. But because it is a new build we have no trees in our backyard. The back yard is brutal in the summer and we couldn’t enjoy the back yard. But because our house is a new build and under my warranty if I attached anything to the house it would void out my warranty. So the process of getting estimates began! First one $12,000. second $10,000. for just a 16’x14′! My father was a builder and I am an interior designer/Mixed Media Artist. I knew that the prices were way too high and so my search continued. I got 15 estimates! yes 15! Then I found JR! Praise GOD! I went from 16’x14′, to 30’x20′ that covered the whole flatwork! Also I had a outdoor kitchen built out of limestone! All for $9,200.00!!!! JR and I worked together with the challenge of not attaching it to the house but butting it as As we could to the house. The design and final product is beautiful and looks like it was built with the house and not an after thought! We have 6 children and I love the look of rough cedar I didn’t want the children to get splinters from the cedar. So to prevent that and incorporate the front of the house with the back of the house he wrapped the cedar posts with limestone. Jr also recommended Ariel Garcia who did the stone work and built a low stone retaining wall /flower bed that doubles as more seating and outdoor kitchen. JR is so professional, and possess something that has been lost in this day and age and that is integrity! My father taught me that the most important thing you have in this world is GOD, your Name and your Word. Jr has all 3! From Start to finish JR was there and asking me if I was pleased and answered any questions I had. He kept the work sight neat and clean. His team was also very professional! Don’t bothering getting 15 estimates like I did just go right to JR from the start! I promise you that he will go above and beyond!

Description of work:
JR built a beautiful cedar Arbor/Pergola and out door kitchen over my existing 20’x30′, flatwork.

  • Category: Decks & Porches
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $8000
  • Work Completed Date: 9/26/2011
  • Hire Again: Yes
  • Overall A
  • Price A
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A